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«As an expert in visual creativity  my mission is to guide you in discovering your artistic identity,  that reflects your essence and connects deeply with your audience »


  • My name is Lise Toa, Visual Creativity Expert I was born in France and live in Mexico. 
  • I grew up immersed in a bilingual home, where my roots in South America (Ecuador and Peru) have been a source of inspiration.
  • 11 years ago, I embarked on a path of transformation through the Xochimetzlti moon dance with the guidance of Grandmother Tonalmith in Mexico.
  • This learning has allowed me to transform by reconnecting my ancestral roots with the contemporary world, by listening deeply to the rhythm of nature and my inner being. 
  • I use a human and multidisciplinary approach, combining photography, body painting, body expression, creative workshops and special ancestral ceremonies. 
  • Nowadays, My mission is to accompany you in the process of finding a visual identity that captures your essence and your personality in a unique way.

My services


Bodypaint and Photography

  • Session for an unforgettable ritual between soulmates or Individuals.


Lyfestyle and Storytelling

«Creating custom content»

  • Honor a passage of life, pregnancy, birth, grief, professional transition.
  • Communicate authentically, your projects, your workshops, your work.


Bellypainting and Photography

  • Celebrate and honor this unique moment in your life in a meaningful and artistic way.


Birth celebration

  • Make your childbirth a memorable story to preserve the magic of your experience.


They trusted me

Vivaray Glass, Movere Festival, La Methode Chandra, Baby Blessing, Regenerative Alchemy

Creation videos

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My vision

  1. The journey is my teacher
  2. My art, a way of telling
  3. The search for meaning, my spirituality
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