Collaboration with Zando and Daouda - Jewelry Chelda Dallet - Photographer Julien Megoz - Body painter Lise Toa - Paris 2017

The first time I saw the jewelry of Chelda Dallet «Emissticric» – it was an arrow in the heart, a reminder of the spirits, a memory of the soul, a sense of ‘déjà vu’. I saw there Nubian queens, ancient spirits, forces of nature, power and depth, I was touched in the heart and I vibrated so much!

The vision of working together appear to me during my initiatory journey to Central America. These last years of transformation through the journey, the experiences of living and the ancestral medicine brought me this vision, that of working hand in hand with others, through creation, with the intention to unify, to be in the Unity.

By associating myself with Chelda and these jewelry, I feel that the forces of life have give to us the space to this joint work and to create this final work call: «Comm – Union».

The rest of the team, arrived at us with magic and spontaneous way to make real the team. With Julien-André Mégoz, traveler of the world, photographer of author and explorers of the human connections, with Zando Akasha, great artist and teacher of yoga and Daouda, master of poetry. The magic took place during a day, this September in Paris and here is the result shared for you.



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